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Title 01- Charter of the City of Coon Rapids
Title 02 - General Provisions
Title 03 - Departments and Personnel
Title 04 - Cable Television
Title 05 - Licensing
Title 06 - Animal Control and Licensing
Title 07 - Crimes
Title 08 - Health, Safety and Sanitation
Title 09 - Traffic and Transportation
Title 10 - Streets, Parks and Public Places
Title 11 - Land Development Regulations
Title 12 - Buildings
Title 13 - Utilities

This code is organized to make the laws of the city as accessible as possible to city officials, city employees and private citizens. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the important elements of this code.

  • Numbering System - The numbering system is based on three tiers, beginning with title, then chapter, and ending with page. Each part is represented in the code section number. For example, Section 5-200-8 is page 8 in Chapter 200 of title 5.
  • Title - A title is a broad category under which ordinances on a related subject are compiled. This code contains 13 titles. For example, the first title is Title 1, Charter, which may contain ordinances about the general penalty, code adoption and definitions. Some titles are reserved for later use.
  • Chapter - Chapters on a related subject are grouped under one title.
  • Tables of Contents - There are two tables of contents in this code to assist in locating specific information. At the beginning of the code is the main table of contents listing each title. In addition, each title and chapter has its own table of contents listing the chapters and sections, respectively.