Re-development of Coon Rapids Boulevard: Port Campus Square

Port Campus Square The City of Coon Rapids is dedicated to the re-development of Coon Rapids Boulevard.  This area will provide new opportunities for business, retail and housing.  The redevelopment of Coon Rapids Boulevard has been divided into four ports from east to west.  PORT is an acronym for Preservation Or Renovation Tract and functions as a zoning district for a defined area.  The four ports along the boulevard are: PORT Evergreen, PORT Riverwalk, PORT Campus Square and PORT Wellness.  PORT Campus Square is the area located along Coon Rapids Boulevard between Crooked Lake Boulevard and Mississippi Boulevard.  The city completed a Master Plan for Port Cmpus Square in early 2013.

The public’s input is vital to this future planning.  Whether you are a resident or business owner, or someone looking to re-locate to the City of Coon Rapids, the city invites input from all interested parties to ensure successful long-range planning.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the Planning Division at 763-767-6430 or email.