Due to increased demand, the Recycling Center is open five days a week to serve your needs.

April-October Hours
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 2pm-8pm
Wednesday - 9am-3pm
Thursday - 2pm-8pm
Friday - 9am-3pm
Saturday - 9am-3pm
Sunday - Closed

November-March Hours
Monday - Closed                                           
Tuesday - 9am -3pm                                     
Wednesday - 9am-3pm                                 
Thursday - 9am-3pm                                     
Friday - 9am to 3pm                                      
Saturday - 9am-3pm                                      
Sunday - Closed                                            

The Recycling Division is actively involved in recycling as mandated by the State’s Select Committee on Recycling & Environment (SCORE). This program is unique in that it is city operated, but funded from a State SCORE grant. Our focus is on residential recycling and our programs are set up to help residents in every aspect of recycling and waste reduction. The Coon Rapids Recycling Center is located at 1831 111th Ave NW, and is a drop off center for the residents of Coon Rapids and Anoka County only. Our goal is to provide residents with as many recycling resources as possible for alternatives to trash. Throughout the year we hold many special drop-off opportunities such as paper shredding, tires, furniture, mattresses, carpet, appliances and electronics and more.

Providing educational opportunities to residents and schools is a large part of the Coon Rapids Recycling program. We are a resource for schools in the city to assist in educating students on why we recycle and how recycling protects our environment.

For the homeowner we provide information with the latest recycling updates via newsletters, cable television shows, our website and mailings with the latest recycling updates and provide useful tips on energy savings, waste reduction and more!

Staff Directory

  • Colleen Sinclair - Recycling Coordinator

    1831 111th Avenue
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433

This growing mountain of garbage and trash represents not only an attitude of indifference toward valuable natural resources, but also a serious economic and public health problem.

~ Jimmy Carter