Mississippi River Critical Corridor Area

The MRCCA is a 72-mile corridor of land along both sides of the Mississippi River through the Twin Cities, including Coon Rapids. Development of this land has been regulated by a shared set of zoning rules since 1976 to preserve natural, recreational and cultural resources while accommodating growth and redevelopment. Read about MRCCA in the City's Comprehensive Plan.

What is happening now?

Zoning rules along the Mississippi River have been updated by the state and must now be adopted by cities, including Coon Rapids.

The Minnesota Legislature updated the MRCCA rules in 2017. Now, cities must adopt and comply with these coordinated regulations. The City of Coon Rapids is expected to approve updated ordinance language that aligns with the new regulations in 2022. << Read the draft ordinance [link pending]. >>

The City will host an open house and public hearing before Council approval.

What is changing?

  • New local government permits will be required for land alterations and vegetation removal.
  • New design standards for acceptable river access – including paths, stairways, water-oriented structures, patios and decks.

What is not changing?

  • Where buildings can be placed – structure height and setback standards will NOT change for most properties.
  • Protection for nonconforming, or “Grandfathered,” structures.

When do these changes begin?

Zoning updates will go into effect after the City Council adopts a new ordinance. The Council is expected to approve the ordinance in the spring of 2022, following a public hearing and review process. Until then, existing zoning standards will apply.

Open House

The City will hold a Virtual Open House on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 6:30 p.m.

<< [How to RSVP or link to join, etc. TBD] >>

Resources for Property Owners