Residents are now allowed to keep honeybees in Coon Rapids with an approved permit. The City Council approved a beekeeping ordinance in November 2023, following a pilot project that was conducted during 2022. 

Before placing a hive or purchasing bees, you must submit the completed Beekeeping Permit Application, Supplement, Site Plan, and Proof of Completed Beekeeping Course, along with payment, to the Building Inspections Department at City Hall.  A site inspection at your property will then be scheduled.  This inspection must be done when the hive is placed, but before bees are present.  When the inspection has passed, a permit will be issued.

If you live in a rental property or in a property located within a homeowner's association, written consent from the property owner and/or association management is required as part of the application.

Honeybees are gentle, docile, and are one of many pollinators that help plants grow.

Basic Beekeeping Requirements

  • The number of hives allowed is based on the size of the property; a typical residential lot is allowed two hives.
  • Any hive on the property must be setback at least ten feet from the property line. 
  • If a hive is located closer than 25 feet to the property line, a flyway barrier is required.
  • The beekeeper applying for the registration must have attended a beekeeping class.

Application Documents

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