Animal Issues


All dogs kept, harbored or maintained in the City should be licensed and registered, (City Code 6-104). Read more about pet licensing here.

Dogs may not run at large and must be under control (City Code 6-117).

It is unlawful for dogs to defecate on private property without the consent of the property owner or on any public property unless the excrement is immediately removed and placed in a proper receptacle (City Code 6-127).

It is unlawful to own, keep, have in possession, or harbor any dog which howls, yelps, or barks to the reasonable annoyance of another person or persons. Animal control officers may impound the dog to stop the annoyance, if necessary (City Code 6-125).

View a complete list of codes regarding dogs.


All cats kept, harbored or maintained in the city must be registered and have an identification tag affixed to the collar worn by the cat, containing the name and address of the owner (City Code 6-402). Cat registration is free, please provide a copy of the rabies vaccination for your cat with your registration form.

Cats are not permitted to run at large (City Code 6-404).

View a complete list of codes regarding cats.

Multiple Animals and Other Animals

A Multiple Pet Permit (PDF) is required for any combination of more than 2 dogs or cats (City Code 6-205). Report any animal bites to police immediately. Attempt to contain any animal involved in a bite situation for police.

The City has other ordinances pertaining to non-domestic animals, many of which are not allowed in the city.

All stray animals found and any animals quarantined are kept at the Animal Humane Society.

Call a Community Service Officer at 763-767-6481 with specific questions regarding animal control.

Wildlife Issues

The City of Coon Rapids does not manage wildlife. If you have specific questions about managing wildlife populations, contact The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

If you are looking to remove wildlife from your property, this may be handled by the MN DNR or a private pest removal company, depending on the specific situation.

The City of Coon Rapids does not allow for feeding of wildlife on public or private property, however, there is an exception for song birds on private property. Read more in the City Code.