Babysitting Safety

Caring for young children is a big responsibility. You must protect yourself as well as the children you are watching. To make sure you have everything covered, follow this quick babysitter's information checklist (PDF).

Choose Jobs Wisely
Know your employer. Only babysit for people you or your parents know, or for whom you have a reliable personal reference. Accepting jobs for strangers is not safe.

Make sure your parents know where you are babysitting. Leave them a name, address, and telephone number of the people you are sitting for and let them know when you expect to be home.

Find out what time the parents will be home and them know if you have a curfew. Make sure you ask them to call if they will be home late.

In An Emergency
  • In an emergency Call 911. Identify yourself by name, tell them you are babysitting and tell the dispatcher the problem. Give the exact address and phone number of the house you are calling from.
  • If there is a fire, get everyone out of the house fires then go to a neighbor’s and call 911.
  • If possible, call the parents and tell them where you and their children are and what is happening. In any kind of emergency, stay calm.
Getting Home Safely
  • Call home and let someone know you are on your way. Be sure you have an escort home, this should be 1 of the conditions when you accept any babysitting job.
  • If your employer won’t drive or walk you home, or seems intoxicated, ask someone at your home to get you. Never go home alone from a night job. Pre-arrange with your parents that they will get you if you call them (no questions asked.