Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers (CSOs) have become an integral part of the department by freeing up officers' time so they can better serve the community. Those hired for these part-time paid internship positions are seeking a career in law enforcement and are actively working on the licensing requirements to become a sworn officer.

CSO Duties

Community Service Officers handle a variety of duties including:

  • Department vehicle needs
  • Transporting evidence to county and state agencies
  • Assisting with animal complaints
  • Parking enforcement
  • Vehicle lock-outs
  • Traffic control efforts that do not require a police officer

CSO Criteria

CSOs must be law enforcement students enrolled in college level law enforcement studies, and are limited to 4 years of employment with the Department. Many CSOs have been hired as police officers by the Department and other law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement students who are interested in the internship position go through an application process, an oral interview with police and Human Resources staff and finally a background investigation. Position postings are listed on our job listings board when available.