Public Works

About the Department

Our work affects the lives of residents, businesses and visitors on a daily basis. We design, build, operate and maintain the City's municipal infrastructure: streets and sidewalks; storm water and sanitary sewer systems; water treatment and distribution; parks and trails.

Streets Division

The Streets Division is responsible for plowing and salting of City streets, normally clearing all streets curb-to-curb within 12 hours of a snowfall. Throughout the spring, summer and fall, streets are swept to keep debris out of the storm sewer system and minimize adverse impacts to our lakes and ponds. Segments of City streets are maintained by continuous pothole patching and crack sealing, and reconditioned by fog sealing and asphalt rejuvenator applications. Sidewalks, curb and gutter, signage and pavement markings are also continuously evaluated and repaired, or replaced as needed with reconstruction projects.

Parks Division

The City’s Parks Division is responsible for long-term planning and day-to-day maintenance of the City's parks system, including playground equipment, sports courts, athletic fields and open spaces, landscaping and irrigation within parks and other public facilities, buildings and picnic shelters, and trails. During winter months, Parks staff prepares and maintains public skating rinks, assists with citywide snow removal, and clears park parking lots and trails.

Utilities Division

The Utilities Division constantly monitors the City’s water supply and distribution systems to ensure adequate and high-quality water for community consumption and firefighting needs. This task includes water sampling, well and pump rehabilitation, watermain and hydrant evaluation and repair, communications and security, and elevated tower and ground reservoir maintenance. Utilities staff also maintains the sanitary sewer system, including lift stations. Our staff are licensed by the State of Minnesota and are constantly updating their skills through continuing education.

Forestry Division

The Forestry Division plans and implements the City's urban forestry program, including shade and boulevard tree plantings and maintenance, disease and invasive species control, native plantings and landscaping, and reforestation of parks, trails and public lands. Forestry staff also review and license tree contractors within the City and provide assistance to residents on forestry-related issues.

Fleet Maintenance Division

The Fleet Maintenance Division inspects, maintains, and repairs the vast fleet of all City-owned vehicles and equipment - for Fire, Police, Public Works, and more. Fleet staff also evaluates all equipment and recommends appropriate replacement schedules to ensure reliability of the fleet.

Facilities Maintenance Division

The Facilities Division is responsible for the daily operations, preventive and long-term maintenance, and security of all publicly owned and leased City facilities. Facility staff plan, coordinate and administer a variety of remodel and improvement projects, both contracted and in-house. Total square footage of these facilities is about one million square feet, and includes the City Center, Civic Center, Police Department, CTN Studio, East and West Water Treatment Plants, Public Works, Recycling Center, three Fire Stations, Bunker Hills Golf Course, Coon Rapids Ice Center and four Parks buildings.