City Water System

Water Pumping

Water is pumped from 24 ground water wells. During winter months, all water goes to the water treatment plants which remove iron and manganese. The City water supply source is ground water that is pumped from aquifers deep below the surface. Yearly average pumping is 3 billion gallons.

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment

Water is pumped to the east or west water treatment plants which remove iron and manganese which is present in all well water. Not all wells pump their water to the plant. During the summer months, certain wells pump water directly into the distribution system where it is blended together. All water is chlorinated and fluoride is added before entering the system.

Worker testing water

Water Towers & Water Service

From the reservoir, water is then pumped to 1 of 3 water towers and to your home or business. Water towers not only act as a large storage tank, but also serve to increase water pressure due to the combination of height and  force of gravity. Over 31,000 customers are served by 290.7 miles of water main.

Water Hardness

A common question about Coon Rapids water is what is the hardness level? The answer: 16-18.


Coon Rapids Water Tower