Trolley Car

Gasoline Motor Cars

The Minneapolis and Northern Railway Company obtained its right-of-way from Minneapolis through Fridley and Coon Rapids to Anoka on December 12, 1912. Because electricity was not available, gasoline motorcars were purchased, and the 1st trolley was used for travel on June 11, 1913. The fare was $.02 per mile, or $0.30 total for one way.

Electric Trolleys

There were constant problems with the gas-operated cars by 1914, so a steam locomotive pulled the coaches until electrification was completed. The line was taken over by the Minneapolis-Anoka-Cuyuna Range Railroad in 1915. With the construction of the big power dam in Coon Rapids, electrification of the short line came closer and the construction of the overhead lines began in the summer of 1915. On October 1, 1915, the electric trolleys dashed back and forth 7 times a day over the Minneapolis-Anoka-Cuyuna Range Railroad from Anoka to Minneapolis.

Trolley Station Names

Trolley stations were constructed in Coon Rapids along the electric line in various locations which were given names, some familiar by neighborhood and area significance, and some glamorous names, including:

  • Aqua Vista
  • Bryan
  • Coleman
  • Foley
  • Hanson Station

End of the Trolley Line

The yellow suburban streetcars tied Coon Rapids, Anoka, and Minneapolis together for many years and were a familiar travel convenience. In 1939, the line was finally abandoned after more automobiles came into use. The trolley line became the butt of many jokes, received in the name of "Tooneville Trolley" in the 1930s.