Is the species appropriate for your area?
Select trees native to your area. Reliable nurseries don't sell plants unsuitable for your area. Even if a tree is hardy, it may not flower consistently due to late spring freezes. Consider this If you are buying a tree for the spring flowers and fall fruits.

Generally, if a species is labeled hardy for Zones 1-4, it should be adapted to our Minnesota climate. The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map can help determine if a species of tree will survive in Minnesota. The Coon Rapids area is Zone 3b - 4a. They will be more tolerant of local weather and soil conditions.USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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1. What purpose will this tree serve?
2. Is the species appropriate for your area?
3. How big will it get?
4. Does it have any particular ornamental value such as leaf color or flowers and fruits?
5. Does it have any particular insect, disease, or other problem that may reduce its usefulness?
6. How common is this species in your neighborhood or town?
7. Is the tree evergreen or deciduous?
8. My boulevard tree needs trimming. What do I do?