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Green Homes Rebate Form

  1. Green Homes with house made from a G and H
  2. Energy Efficiency Rebates

    The City of Coon Rapids may provide rebates for some energy efficiency home improvements. 

    Applicant(s) must be a resident of Coon Rapids and have already received a rebate from their utility provider. Complete all fields of the form below to apply.

  3. Have you had a Home Energy Squad visit in the last 5 years?*

    Learn more about Home Energy Squad

  4. Work must have been completed AFTER 1/1/2022

  5. Passed city inspection (check one)*

    Learn more about the city permit and inspection requirement

  6. Eligible rebates applied for (check all that apply):*
  7. The City does NOT match installer or manufacturer rebates.

  8. $250 max rebate for furnace, air conditioner, air source heat pump, and water heater.

    $550 max rebate for air sealing and insulation.

  9. Confirm check upload:*
  10. Form W-9 available here.

    W-9s are required for all payments processed by the City. If you receive more than $600 from the City in a calendar year, we issue you a 1099-misc for tax purposes.

  11. Confirm W-9 upload:*
  12. Stay informed (optional)
  13. Government Data Practices Act – Tennessen Warning:*

    Click the box to acknowledge: The data you supply on this form will be used to process this application for which you are applying. You are not legally required to provide this data, but the City will be unable to proceed without it. The data will constitute a public record.

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