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2020 Holiday Lighting Contest Entry Form

  1. Entry Type

    Still-Property: Non-moving light display on a house, yard, fence, tree or any combination listed. Motion-Property: Moving light display on a house, yard, fence, tree or any combination listed. You may enter only 1 category.

  2. By typing your full name in this area, you agree to all terms and conditions. I certify that I am the owner or renter, or that I am related to the owner/renter of the above listed location. I understand that upon submission, the photographs taken during judging of the holiday decorations and all of the copy & trademark rights associated with the photographs, become the property of the City of Coon Rapids. I hereby grant permission to the City of Coon Rapids to use these photographs at its discretion for publicity and public relations with no compensation or credit to me or to any of the subjects in the photograph. I also grant permission to publish my address on promotional materials including the City website (including online map) so the public can be invited to view the lighting displays in the city after all submissions are received. I understand this may mean more traffic by my home and/or the public driving by to view my lighting display due to the promotion. Coon Rapids, MN addresses valid only.

  3. (if entrant is under 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign for permission)

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