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Police Department

  1. Commendation or Complaint Report
  2. Community Watch Team Registration

    The Community Watch Team is a list of residents interested in receiving resources about how to formally connect with your neighbors,... More…

  3. Multicultural Advisory Committee Application
  4. Request for Information

    There may be times in which our office cannot process your request due to limitations within the State of Minnesota Data Practices... More…

  1. Community Outreach & Education Request Form

    The Coon Rapids Police Department values the opportunity to speak with community groups about safety, crime prevention and other topics... More…

  2. Coon Rapids Police Explorer Application

    Application to apply to be a Police Explorer for the City of Coon Rapids, MN

  3. PEP Talk Interest Form

    Coon Rapids Police are passionate about public education and crime prevention. Sign up for a PEP Talk to request a visit from a police... More…

  4. Speed Trailer Request

    The Coon Rapids Police Department has a Radar Speed Monitoring Trailer. This unit may be deployed in known high traffic and high speed... More…