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Commendation or Complaint Report

  1. For prompt, immediate attention to a commendation or complaint, please call Anoka County Central Communications at 763-427-1212 and ask to speak with a Patrol Supervisor.
  2. Commendations:

    The Coon Rapids Police Department is committed to maintaining integrity, discipline, and a relationship with the community of trust and confidence. We welcome citizen recognition of police employees performing in an effective, quality manner. Citizen commendations will be forwarded to both the commended employee and to their supervisor.


    If you believe an employee of the Coon Rapids Police Department has behaved in an inappropriate manner, you are encouraged to inform the Department. Please provide a detailed account of the incident as you remember it. Include the location, date, time, telephone number and the names and addresses of other known witnesses. It is important that you include as much as you remember of any conversation you or others had with the officer(s) or any actions taken by the officer(s). 

    It should be noted that anonymous complaints are difficult to investigate as we cannot receive additional information or provide feedback to the complainant.

    Please be advised that Minnesota law (Minn. Stat.§ 609.505) makes it a criminal offense to make a knowingly false and defamatory report of police officer misconduct.

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