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Community Watch Team Registration

  1. Community Watch Team Registration Form
    The Community Watch Team is a list of residents interested in receiving resources about how to formally connect with your neighbors, tips on what is and isn’t a suspicious activity, how to prevent crime and safety tips. You can also register your external video camera system here as part of our Community Camera Program. The Coon Rapids Police Department has classified the data I am submitting as non-public or confidential data.
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  6. Would you like a Community Watch Team sticker to place on your front door or window?
  7. By typing my name in this form I certify that I am voluntarily signing up for the Community Watch Team through the Coon Rapids Police Department. If I am choosing to also sign up for the Community Camera Program, I realize the police department will not be using my camera for active police surveillance and officers will not have direct access to my camera. I realize if crimes occur nearby my address, I may be contacted by police to see if I voluntarily consent to providing my camera footage to assist in an investigation. I understand my name and address information will be maintained in a secure database as a part of the program, which we have classified as non-public or confidential information. I may ask to be removed from the Community Watch Team at any time, and remove my information from the database. I realize if requested, I will receive a Community Watch Team sticker that I may choose to put on my door or window, which may help deter crime and let people know I am a Community Watch Team member.
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