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Request for Information

  1. Requestor's Information

    Completing this form in its entirety helps us to get you the information as quick as possible.

  2. How would you like your information returned to you?

  3. If you would like the information faxed to you, please enter the number here

  4. Information Requested

    Please provide details on the information requested.

  5. Please enter your case number, if known.

  6. Please include approximate dates/times of occurrences; or other type of information requested, being as specific as possible.

  7. If you have a release of information form you would like to submit with your request, upload it here.

  8. I understand that the Coon Rapids Police Department will make final determination as to the release of information as per standards set forth by State of Minnesota Data Practice Guidelines and fee schedules. The Coon Rapids Police Department responds to requests in the order they are received, typically within seven (7) business days of receiving the request.

  9. *There is no charge for the first four pages of a report. After that, it is $0.25 per page. If the reports are emailed or faxed, you will receive an invoice with your reports if there is a fee.

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